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in a safe academic setting. avila--"there's no better environment to do it than oa community college campus." d students under 21 years old a lower sampling age would w them to achieve a higher understanding of wine. williams--"people going offt what it smells like, they're missing a lot." cortes--"it would actually make me pay attention in class...become part of the class for the tastings." of course there are restrictions...tas te wine are restrictions...tas te we only...put in sww or consume. doesn't apply if just taking 1 wine class for fun. this is for schools th have established viticulture programs. governor jerry brown made it official this past week tha is running for re- election and he did it by tweeting o the announcement we sat down with republican state vice chair harmeet dhn and the chronicle's joe garifoli and asked how the race is shapeg up. nc_matier#1#001 - 08:08:12; what are jerry brown's chans for reelection? joe: he cank backwards into the governo' mansion..he is facing two, t well- known candidates, they don't have a lot of moeny, should be a barring...him
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1